Most babies are born healthy, however, about one out of 10 pregnancies are considered to be high risk.  This means that there is a problem that affects the mother, the baby, or both. Sometimes these problems are genetic disorders passed from one or both parents to their children. Sometimes a fetus has birth defects and does not develop "normally." Or perhaps the mother has a medical condition or develops one that makes the pregnancy high risk.

Advances in prenatal and newborn medical care for these problems has greatly improved chances that mothers will deliver babies who will survive and lead healthy, normal lives. Close monitoring for high risk pregnancies by ultrasound and electronic fetal monitoring tests, more frequent prenatal care, and improved patient education can help prevent many problems or make them not so severe.

If you have a medical problem before becoming pregnant or develop one during pregnancy that affects you or your baby, you may be advised to consult or transfer your care to a HiROC doctor who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. These doctors, called perinatologists, are experts in managing problems of mothers and unborn babies, and they will work closely with your own doctor to do everything possible to make sure you and your baby remain healthy.

At HiROC, our team of health care professionals will support you and your family through these difficult times, should that become necessary. In addition to our physicians, our team includes nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers and care managers, and neonatal doctors who are specialists in taking care of very small babies.